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Why Floric

Floric is a manufacturer of high-quality Concrete Restoration and Resurfacing Decorative Flooring, Water Proofing, Industrial Flooring. We have in-house capabilities to produce all of our products at our manufacturing plant in Arizona. Through this plant, we can control quality and consistency in ways not yet offered through quasi-manufactures.


Since we have been the science behind the scenes, we know our competition, we know our products, and we know your needs. Since we own our own formulas, we can give you greater control of the final outcome. Since we own our knowledge, we can train in areas quasi-manufactures cannot to excel in your business.


Why Floric? Because we can help you make more money, get better results, and enjoy your work.


Why Floric? Because we manufacture what you need and want.


Why Floric? Because we are your best choice for higher-quality products, we train better, and have better prices.


Why Floric? Because you cannot afford not to learn more.

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